20091651 #

by parker

PCL4 is a result of Parker’s wide experience in mobile hydraulics, offering excellent high grade materials and precision manufacturing. Continuous development and design refinements have resulted in a series of user friendly, smooth operating levers, pedals and joysticks available for hydraulic controls.Parker’s hydraulic remote controls PCL4 is designed to help you out when you are optimizing your system in respect of functionality, reliability and performance without compromising with user friendliness and robustness. Flexibility in design means that you can have your hydraulic remote control the way you like to have them. Long or short levers, straight or bend, close together or far apart, joystick levers or pedals in variety of design and materials to suit the specific working environment.PCL4 is made out of sections each of which contains 2 ports with 3-way pressure reducing valves. The joystick version PCL401 requires 2 sections (4 ports) and the linear lever version PCL402 can be configured from 1 section (2 ports) up to 7 sections (14 ports) stacked together.Low hysteresis and good metering properties result in highly consistent and predictable operating characteristics with a natural feel. A very wide range of pressure characteristics allowing each port to be adapted to the desired control pressure for the specific machine function. The PCL4 is designed to operate in perfect harmony together with Parker pumps, motors and directional valves but will work equally well with equipment from other manufacturers.Markets:• Construction Equipment• Defense• Forestry Equipment• Industrial• Marine • Material Handling Equipment• Mining• Vocational and Municipal EquipmentApplications:• Drill rigs• Dump trucks• Excavators• Fork lift trucks• Loaders• Mining machines• Reach stackers• All other applications where a hydraulic lever is neededFeatures/Benefits of the PCL4 series:• Low well adapted operating forces and short lever stroke will give you good operating comfort.• Low hysteresis will ensure consistent pressure output value for a given lever stroke.• Very wide range of control pressure characteristics that enables the control of the machine functions to be application optimized.• Good metering properties that enables gentle, proportional control.• Wide range of control devices and accessories to give you greater flexibility in system design.• Ergonomic handles that gives the operator better comfort when operating the machine.• Quality materials and great precision in manufacturing, assembly and test to ensure that you will get a quality product with low internal leakage and long service life. - http://ph.parker.com/fi/fi/pcl4-hydraulic-proportional-remote-control-valve/20091651