9120029109 PLC082-140

by parker

For decades, Parker’s approach to pressure relief valves in hydraulic machines of all kind has set the industry standard. Parker’s long experience in advanced hydraulic design combined with quality materials and high precision manufacturing processes result in excellent performance characteristics with fast responses and low hysteresis.The PLC series relief valves improve the performance of the hydraulic system in a wide range of applications. The PLC valves protect hydraulic system from potentially damaging pressure peaks, while simultaneously prevent cavitation in a consumer. When the PCL valve is supplied with a plug an anti-cavitation spring is included to enable the cartridge to function as an anti-cavitation valve to prevent cavitation in a consumer. The PLC’s integrated anti-cavitation function is a great asset in any hydraulic systems that prevent cavitation in a system and will improve the function and life time of the hydraulic equipment.The pressure setting is permanently set at the factory to ensure reliable, tamper-proof function during a long service life. Parker’s dual-function threaded PLC valves are used by several leading manufacturers of hydraulic pumps, transmissions and mobile valves. They are available in four sizes with flow capacity up to 300 l/min.Markets:• Automotive• Construction equipment• Defense• Forestry equipment• Industrial• Marine• Material handling• Mining• MobileApplications:• Reach stackers• Tele handlers• Fork lift trucks• Refuse collection vehicles• Tipper and hook lift trucks• Truck cranes• Forestry machines• Drill rigs• Mining machines• Dump trucks• Loaders• ExcavatorsFeatures:• Dual functions in a single unit with small dimensions makes it easy to install.• Protects the hydraulic system from pressure peaks.• Counteracts cavitation to avoid component damage in the system.• Distinct, fast acting that makes the valve react quickly to pressure surges.• Low hysteresis equals high precision in pressure maintenance.• Tamper-proof permanent settings that prevents undesirable changing of the pressure setting. - http://ph.parker.com/fi/fi/direct-acting-pressure-relief-valve-plc/9120029109