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by parker

The direct operated and hydraulically pilot operated check valves series C4V are proven components of Parker's check valve product range. The robust valves are almost universally applicable and provide numerous options. Features• 3 sizes: NG10, NG25, NG32 • Proven, robust design• Leak-free seat type cartridge• Max. pressure 350 bar• Optionally with position control (pilot operated version)Benefits• Versatile• Good price-performance ratio• Short delivery times, no storage necessaryC4V direct operatedDirect operated check valves C4V allow free flow from A to B. The counter direction is blocked. The C4V series are equipped with a leak-free seat type cartridge. FunctionThe pressure arising in port A lifts the poppet from the valve seat and releases the flow to B. In the counter direction, the spring and the pressure on top of the cartridge hold the poppet onto the seat and block the flow.C4V pilot operatedHydraulically pilot operated check valves series C4V also allow free flow from A to B, the counter-flow direction is blocked. When pressure is applied to control port X, the ring chamber flow from B to A is released. Up to four different pilot control ratios are available.FunctionWhen no pressure is applied to the X-port, the flow from B to A is blocked, because the pressure in B is also in effect on top of the poppet. Pressurizing the X port relieves the area on top of the poppet to the drain port and allows flow from B to A. The seat design of the valve provides leak-free separation of port A and B in the closed position.Hydraulically pilot operated valves with position control are available on request. - http://ph.parker.com/fi/fi/direct-operated-hydraulically-pilot-operated-check-valves-series-c4v/016-94516-0