016-95603-0 C5P08 5884 A1

by parker

The pilot operated check valves series C5P ensure free flow in one direction and block the flow in the counter direction while providing high flow rates for optimized performance. They are part of the Parker valve range with SAE flanges which is unique in its variety. The robust valves are almost universally applicable and provide numerous options.Pilot operated check valves series C5P have a similar design to the subplate mounted C4V series. The SAE flange allows to mount the C5P directly on the outlet flange of pumps or on the inlet flange of actuators to achieve a very compact design.Markets:• IndustrialFeatures/Benefits:• Proven, robust design - ensures reliable operation• 2-port body with SAE61 flange - enables compact design• Maximum adjustable pressure of 350 bar and flow capacity ranging from 180 l/min to 600 l/min - high performance• Versatile - useable for numerous applications• Good price-performance ratio - fast return of investment• Short delivery time - no warehousing necessary• Pilot operated check valve• 3 sizes (SAE ¾, 1, 1¼)• 4 opening ratios• Optional with position control (C5P08 and C5P10 only)Applications:• Suitable for general hydraulic applications - http://ph.parker.com/fi/fi/pilot-operated-check-valve-serie-c5p/016-95603-0