026-37740-0 R5U08-59535A110

by parker

Pilot operated pressure unloading valves series R5U have a similar design to the subplate mounted R4U series. The SAE flanges allow to mount the valve directly on the outlet flanges of pumps. A typical application is the unloading of a pump in an accumulator circuit. The combination of an R5U, C5V and R5V on a double pump generates a high pressure / low pressure pump system without the need of a manifold block or piping between the valves.Features:- Pilot operated unloading valve- 3-port body with SAE61 flange- 4 sizes (SAE ¾, 1, 1¼, 1½)- 3 pressure stages- 3 adjustment modes - Hand knob - Acorn nut with lead seal - Cylinder lock- With optional vent function - http://ph.parker.com/fi/fi/r5u-pilot-operated-pressure-unloading-valve/026-37740-0