026-46329-5 2F1C 03 01 B5 C

by parker

2-way flow control valves series 2F1C provide pressure and viscosity compensated flow from port A to port B. The counter direction is blocked (standard) or can be open via an integral reverse flow check valve (optional).Features/benefits:• 2-way flow control valve• Subplate mounting according to ISO 6263• Excellent fine adjustment• Adjustable response time• Closed in neutral position• Optional reverse flow check valve• 2 sizes, NG10 (3/8“), NG16 (3/4“)FunctionThe compensator spool is located in front of the metering spool. The metering spool is closed in the neutral position to avoid undesired initial actuator motion. The oil flow to open the metering spool has to pass a needle valve (not shown in the sectional drawing). The needle valve can be adjusted from the front panel to set the response time of the 2F1C.The metering spool is adjusted by the main control knob.The key lock has three positions:• Lock: Adjustment is locked.• Adjust: Full adjustment is permitted.• Trim: Fine adjustment of ±5 % is possible. - http://ph.parker.com/fi/fi/2f1c-2-way-variable-flow-control-valve/026-46329-5