026-52252-0 R5V06-59532A125

by parker

Pilot operated pressure relief valves with SAE flange series R5V and R5V*P2 have a similar design to the subplate mounted R4V series. They provide an excellent constant pressure behaviour. The SAE flanges allow to mount the valves directly on the outlet flanges of pumps or inlet flanges of actuators to achieve a very compact design. Series R4R*P2 with additional proportional unit between the mechanical pilot valve and the main stage ensures continuous pressure adjustment. The optimum performance can be achieved in combination with the digital amplifier module PCD00A-400. Valves with SAE flanges can also be bolted together to combine functions without the need of a manifold block.Features R5V• Pilot operated with manual adjustment• R5V with 2-port body: - 3 sizes (SAE ¾, 1, 1¼) - SAE61 flange• R5V with 3-port body: - 4 sizes (SAE ¾, 1, 1¼, 1½) - SAE61 and SAE62 flange• 3 pressure stages• 3 adjustment modes: - Hand knob - Acorn nut with lead seal - Cylinder lock• With optional vent functionDeviating features series R5V*P2• Continuous adjustment by proportional solenoid• With mechanical maximum pressure adjustmentBenefits• Versatile• Outstanding constant pressure behaviour• Short delivery times, no warehousing necessary• R5V*P2: optimally suited to the digital amplifier module PCD00A-400 - http://ph.parker.com/fi/fi/pilot-operated-pressure-relief-valves-sae-flange-series-r5v-r5v-p2/026-52252-0